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Caldo Verde

Caldo Verde! What is Caldo Verde? Caldo Verde is a popular soup in Portuguese cuisine and if I am not mistaken, firstly making its presence known in Northern Portugal. How do I know about Portuguese dishes? Well, we in Malaysia have been exposed to the influence of Portuguese cooking and food from back then, back then ages ago. Says it all I suppose? Me and my Portuguese dishes  ( Egg Vindaloo ,  Devilled Prawns , Pada Salt Fish Pickle  & Chicken Devil Curry )?  Of course, I should also include the other types of soups I have invested my cooking time in? The various types, and my recipes, as usual, won't kill your money  and time ( Thai Tomato Soup ,  Burdock Root Soup , Tomato Spinach Soup , Onion Soup , Tom Yum Goong  &  Salted Fish Bone Soup ). This my version of Caldo Verde? A vegetarian version ( Lentil Vegetable Soup ). Thick, creamy and luscious ( Creamy Mushroom Soup ) as an utter satisfaction, and the key central ingredients are potatoes ( Vegan Potato Curry