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Tofu Manchurian

Guys, if you are asking me about the history of Tofu Manchurian or even Manchuria, I really can't say much. But I sure know that Manchuria was the puppet state of the Empire of Japan in Northeast China and inner Mongolia, and Manchurian cuisine seemingly has taken a strong influence in India ( Indian Tofu Curry ). Why, how and what, please don't ask me. Yet I am aware that somehow Manchurian recipes ( Chicken Kebab  & Hakka Noodles ) have been tweeted to the local tastes in India and one of the most prominent is definitely Gobi Manchurian ( Cauliflower Pakora ) and I must include Tofu Manchurian as well. Regardless, my Tofu Manchurian is an outcome of my thinking, though I did refer to a couple of recipes which really confused me. Thus, to keep my Tofu Manchurian as my invention, I went ahead and cooked it as how we would appreciate a tofu dish to be ( Tofu Green Beans Stir Fry , Tofu Scrambled Eggs  &  Spinach Tofu Stir Fry ). Of course we must not discount spices