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Nasi Goreng Belacan Ikan Bilis (Shrimp Paste Anchovies Fried Rice)

Who can be a better expert when we speak about fried rice? Anybody you know or will you point to Nava K because her fried rice recipes are heavily trended in the visual world or in this precious space of her's? Fried rice and yours truly? Dang a millions times. Various types and various styles, mostly, in fact all of it her own style ( Kampung Fried Rice , Chinese Fried Rice , Lamb Fried Ric e  & Malaysian Fried Rice ) and the list goes on and on, on and on. Can you blame me? No, you shouldn't because even a simple home made fried rice won't you agree is far out hundred times better than eating out and when you can't figure out what to cook for the day? Of course and like I have already repeated myself before, anything goes for fried rice ( Cantonese Fried Rice , Belacan Fried Rice , Anchovies Long Beans Fried Rice & Tom Yum Fried Rice ). In fact even the basic staples will do a delightful food job for fried rice ( Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis ). Today, its ano