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Palakura Pappu

Palakura Pappu, aka Spinach Dal ( Spinach Dal Curry ), wouldn't you agree is forever the comfort dish? Especially for us Indians? Though, I must mention that sometimes I am so tired of palakura pappu because whenever you visit your relatives or Indian friends, you can pretty much expect this spinach dal dish as one of the dishes you will be tucking into whenever its a full course vegetarian meal ( Vegetable Kadhi ,  Navratan Korma , Bitter Gourd Chips , Cauliflower Pakora ,  Indian Style Mustard Greens , Tari Wale Aloo  & Mor Rasam ) during religious occasions? I know. Moreover, legumes are overall a favourite ingredient for Indian dishes ( Chickpea Masala , Bitter Gourd Sambar , Dal Rice , Mulligatawny Soup & Mysore Sambar )? That's why, I don't cook palakura pappu as often as expected. In fact, I can off hand count the number of times I have made this dish and of course, each time I make, I try to vary the ingredients for another style instead of the same