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Tuna Burgers

Ladies and gentlemen, today its gonna be a burger story ( Mushroom Veggie Burger  & Lamb Burgers ). Burger made from canned tuna, mint leaves, egg, cornflour, of course we need the seasoning of salt and pepper, and instead of tucking these grilled tuna patties ( Tuna Cutlets ) into burger buns, I made do with bread slices ( Fish Sandwich & Vegetarian Sandwich ), neither am I someone who will go the extent of making burgers buns or even baking my own bread. Hence, pretty much store bought bread slices which were seating in my fridge ( Baked Bread Rolls ). A simplified recipe I must say and also grilled tuna patties, atop with salad leaves and cucumber slices, plus mayonnaise and yellow mustard sauce. Quite an invention, wouldn't you agree? My cooking and my style to making tuna burgers with ingredients I already had at home? Of course.