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Moroccan Chicken Stew

Guys, I think I am trying to achieve international status cooking style. I think so. God! I am actually going all over the world, but not as in being in different countries. What I am trying to say is that I am trying recipes of different kinds from, this and that part of the world. Of course, Malaysian dishes are part and parcel of my cooking style and when we speak about Malaysian food, its not just my own kind dishes ( Indian Masala Chicken Curry ,  Chicken Curry Potatoes  & Chicken Varuval ), I must also include other races and religion food delight ( Chicken Devil Curry , Ayam Masak Merah  & Easy Chicken Kebab ). Furthermore, didn't you notice my Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese and the rest of the dishes from other parts of the world too ( Thai Tomato Soup ,  Vietnamese Fish , Unagi Kabayaki  &  Bengali Fish Curry )? Of course, the list goes on and I can go on and on, so on and so forth, and quote other recipes as well ( Egg Vindaloo , Hong Kong Style Steamed Fish