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Thai Tomato Soup

Thai again ( Thai Lemonade )? Yes, ladies and gentlemen Thai again. What's with Thai cuisine and us? I actually don't know what to say. I am lost for words actually. Not something I usually plan for or like I am a Thai myself, but it seems whenever I enter my kitchen, somehow after taking a look at the ingredients I have and also the herbs growing in my garden, primarily the basil leaves, I tend to wear the Thai home chef hat ( Thai Fish Noodle Soup ,  Thai Steamed Fish , Thai Green Fish Curry , Seafood Tom Yum Soup  & Tom Yum Mee Hoon ). On this particular day, considering that it has rained really heavily, all I could think of was a bowl of piping hot soup. Of course, soups and cold weather shouldn't be disputed right ( Creamy Mushroom Soup , Burdock Root Soup , Onion Soup , Chicken Vegetable Soup , Fish Soup  &  Black Vinegar Chinese Chicken Soup ) and soups by themselves? Like I have told you before, the list is endless. From the watery and runny soup, to