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Thai Lemonade

  Can you believe it? I am actually featuring a drink recipe? The last two being Orange Sangria an Mango Mocktail and? What shall I say? My mint leaves were ready for plucking and I had the rest of the ingredients as well, including a packet of basil seeds. Basil seeds? I think they are a favourite for Thais (( Thai Crispy Fish , Tom Yum Goong ,  Tom Kha Gai  & Thai Vegetable Curry ) and their drinks? Are we right or we are doing the guessing game? I think we are right because my trip to Bangkok did expose me to basil seeds as well as basil leaves for Thai savory ( Shrimp Pad Thai , Thai Carrot Soup & Spicy Thai Noodles ) and sweet dishes. So, what else should I say? Thai Lemonade was the outcome and for keeping it sort of healthy, I decided that honey will be a better option compared to sugar and the rest of the ingredients, as you wish as per your taste measurement. Lemon ( Baked Lemon Chicken ), basil seeds, mint leaves, honey, mineral water and ice for Thai Lemonad