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Ca Hap Gung Hanh

Ca Hap Gung Hanh! What is Ca Hap Gung Hanh? Ca Hap Gung Hanh is, do I have to say anything more? I am sure you already know it after taking a look at this fish dish? Yep, Ca Hap Gung Hanh is a Vietnamese fish dish ( Vietnamese Fish Soup & Lamb Pho ). The steamed version. What's with me and trending another Vietnamese dish? Honestly guys, I am running out of ideas on what to do with fish ( Unagi Kabayaki , Thai Crispy Fish  & Crispy Chilli Fish ) and so, I, what else should I say? I made this Ca Hap Gung Hanh and as I have already told you before, steaming actually is the easiest technic to cooking ( Teochew Steamed Fish , Hong Kong Style Steamed Fish  & Nyonya Steamed Fish ), compared to the rest. Steaming means you add all the ingredients and basically, just steam. Precisely what I did for this dish. Of course, showcasing the essential Vietnamese ingredients ( Chilli Lime Fish  & Chilli Soy Fish ) which by far are not very much different in tandem to Thai cui