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Salted Fish Bone Soup

Guys, I must tell you that this recipe blogging of mine actually is a learning curve for me. Trust me, never would I have thought that I will invent recipes until I started blogging. Of course, cooking by itself has been an-going thing for years, but due to blogging, I actually put effort in creating and coming up with new recipes ( Salted Fish Bone Curry ), which by far must be hailed. Instead of forcing myself to cook just for the sake of it, blogging has triggered a pendant for keeping my cooking interesting. ( Mutton Bone Curry ) I think, I decide and I find that its actually brain refreshing, and out of this thinking on this day, I made this Salted Fish Bone Soup ( Spicy Sour Fish Soup ). Just like that mind you. Idea popping up on my mind and with ingredients already in my fridge and pantry, I got down to making Salted Fish Bone/Ikan Masin/Ikan Asin Soup ( Masak Lemak Ikan Masin , Potato Salted Fish  & Bean Sprouts Salted Fish ). Oh-so-yum! For foodies like me who s