Friday, June 7, 2013

Chilli Clams

Chilli Clams. Chilli Lala. Chinese style chilli clams. Chillies and us? Don't you dare separate chillies from us. Chillies are our best of all friends and we need our daily doze of chillies no matter what. Chillies of course for heat and spiciness, and clams, remember my previous clam dish (Chilli Honey Clams). Spiciness and sweetness and tadbit of saltiness? By far, as far as I now, the burst of tastes for Chinese dishes (Sesame ChickenSweet Chilli Chicken, Sichuan Chilli Prawns & Chilli Lime Fish) or overall, on the whole for Malaysian dishes, spiciness is a must, wouldn't you agree (Sweet Potato Leaf Sambal Belacan, Spicy Grilled Fish, Chilli Crab, Dried Shrimp Sambal, Sambal Udang & Crispy Chilli Fish)? This Chilli Clams? Don't they speak for themselves? Chinese ingredients and curry leaves for the sincerely loved big burst of tastes.

Embracing the Fiery Passion: The Indispensable Chillies in Malaysian Cuisine and Gardening

In Malaysia, the love for spiciness runs deep in our culinary culture. Chillies, with their fiery punch, are an essential ingredient that ad...