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Eggless Orange Cheesecake

Seems like I have not pulled the brakes to cheesecakes. I have not obviously, but I think I will finally. Enough of me ( Chocolate Cheesecake  & No Bake Cheesecake ), and me practicing on cheesecakes and for me personally, since I stick to the easy way out cheesecakes ( Mango Cheesecake & Pandan Cheesecake ), neither do I have the intention of spiraling my cheesecake making further, I see the end. This eggless, yes guys, eggless, who said you can't make eggless cheesecake, not me though, another fruitiness version ( Honeydew Sago , Mango Cocktail , Lemon Cream Pie , Poached Pear  &  Grapefruit Jelly ), definitely is the last draw. Sort of similarities, what can be different anyway for the bottom layer except a biscuit layer, but like I have already told, fruity cheese topping made from fresh orange juice ( Orange Sangria ), cream cheese, condensed milk only instead of adding sugar and orange zest. My-my! Don't you think Eggless Orange Cheesecake is truly luring