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Rasam - Tangy Peppery Indian Soup (home made rasam podi/powder)

Rasam. Indian Pepper Soup. Our, if you are asking me, our Indian healthy and akin magical soup. Rasam is definitely a popularity in our Indian household ( Drumstick Sambar , Indian Mango Chutne y &  Vegan Potato Curry ) and of course, in any Indian restaurant ( Navratan Korma ) for the matter. I have already spoken about rasam before right? In fact, not once? And I have also shared a couple of rasam recipes before ( Mor Rasam , Egg Rasam , Indian Crab Rasam , Indian Crab Soup & Instant Rasam )? Usually, me settling for ready made, store bought rasam powder, sometimes I won't mind pounding the spices and for this rasam, I actually made a different standard of rasm powder, aka, rasam podi. Recipe pinched from my mum and rasam powder can be prior made and store, and used as and when we need for a home style cooking rasam. The spicy, tangy ( Pavakkai Puli Kulambu ) and tadbit of heat from pepper Indian soup ( Indian Spiced Salmon , Rice Pilaf & Cucumber Yogu