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Tofu Katsu

Tofu Katsu Nava-K's style. As usual right? We must have our style to cooking right? Of course. I mean, its nice to trend behind other people's recipes, but potentially, we should set the parameter by trending in front of those recipes too? If you are asking me, its a big yes. Our recipes bench-marked against the rest and for setting our dishes apart from the rest ( Kenchin Jiru ). So, what the cooking food story for this Tofu Katsu ( Japanese Eggplant Saute & Simmered Daikon )? Pretty much straightforwardness. Sliced Japanese tofu rolled over bread crumbs ( Baked Bread Rolls & Sardine Bread Rolls ) mixed with spring onion, salt and pepper, thereafter crispy fried and paired alongside roasted white sesame seeds and sugar in Japanese soy sauce ( Teppanyaki Salmon ). How interesting right? An invention in our kitchen and for a Japanese style appetizer or snack or even side dish? Gosh! I bet you are loving this my style of Tofu Katsu? Oh, by the way, before I le