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Showing posts from May 6, 2013

La Bodega Spanish Restaurant- Empire Mall (Subang Jaya)

Least expected today was the phone call for a leisurely outing over a couple of drinks at La Bodega  I have been to once before. Honestly, I was in two minds if I should join my two friends because for me, there is no such a thing as one drink for the road. Knowing well that one drink may lead to other twisted roads, I still arrived at La Bodega hoping my will power will not take over me. In the carnival like environment, wondering how on earth people actually start drinking at 4 pm and how can they also afford to topple themselves with expensive booze in La Bodega Spanish Restaurant, we also, okay-lah, started with booze.  But instead of the "rock me up" shoots of alcohol, each of us opted for Stella Beer, Hoegaarden Beer and Erdingeer Beer.