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Creamy Mushroom Soup

Cold weather calling dish. Of course, when weather is cold, don't you think we yearn for a bowl of hot piping soup? Of course. Any kinda of soup by far will be good for warmth and the list is endless. So many times of soups we can make and if we are speaking about simplicity, then we must refer to those light soups ( Mixed Vegetable Soup , Corn Soup ,  Tomato Spinach Soup  &  Lentil Vegetable Soup ) & or even Chinese soups ( Chinese Chicken Herbal Soup & Burdock Root Soup ) in which whatever ingredients you prefer can go in ( Chicken Vegetable Soup  &  Vietnamese Fish Soup ) and all you got to do is slow simmering. This Creamy Mushroom Soup on the other hand is not the same ( Tom Kha Gai & Onion Soup ). First we sweat/saute garlic, shallots and mushrooms in butter. Next is pouring water and then pulsing/blending these ingredients, before pouring back into the pot for simmering and adding milk, salt and pepper for this Western style creamy soup. Of course t