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Cauliflower Pakora

No, no. Not the same as the previous Cauliflower Fritters . Trust me, it is not. But I must admit some similarities in the ingredients and of course for celebrating cauliflower ( Aloo Gobi & Cauliflower Curry ). Also for the end result as a crispy fried vegetarian ( Vegan Potato Curry ) side dish or even snack, and Cauliflower Pakora, undeniably I think will be a sell out. Anything fried is always a pick-up, wouldn't you agree? Remember, I have already told you before ( Bitter Gourd Chips & Crispy Fried Okra )? That's right. Cauliflower Pakora ingredients requirement? Already listed below and these are of course, caulilower cut into florets and individually dipped into a chickpea, rice flour and spices infused batter and, oh-yes, fried for crunchiness. Outer crunchiness and soft melting moment inside cauliflower.