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Curry Leaves Rice

Rice Again? Of course. Rice always and forever being our main staple food stealer ( Kampung Fried Rice , Chinese Fried Rice  & Lamb Fried Rice ). I think I have told you before? How much we simply adore rice ( Rice Congee ) until if I don't have a meal of rice at least a day or most to most by the second day, I feel my food life is not complete ( Cumin Rice , Ghee Rice , Nasi Dagang , Dhal Rice  & Coriander Rice ). In fact, I feel as though I have not eaten. Thus, rice is the regularity in my home and of course, every now and then, its nice to convert rice to another kinda rice dish. Either for pairing alongside the side dishes or trust me, sometimes as a complete, wholesome and appetizing meal by itself. Today, I have this Curry Leaves Rice. Curry leaves? I think you know it? Curry leaves and me and my cooking( Navratan Korma , Vegan Potato Curry  & Pavakkai/Bitter Gourd Puli Curry ). Usually and mostly into curries, sometimes in stir fried dishes and today,