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Butter Prawns

Herbs ( Chicken Herbal Soup ) and spices are like forever a must for practically most of the dishes I cook. They can either be from my garden ( Curried Lemongrass Fish , Nasi Dagang , Rosemary Cheesy Potatoes ) or the other choice is obviously buying ( Assam Laksa . Assam Fish Curry , Watermelon Mint Salad  & Cumin Rice ), I am particularly fond of coriander leaves ( Grilled Mackerel ,  Fish Chilli Lime , Ghee Almond Rice , curry leaves ( Spicy Crab Parathal , Prawn Devil Curry , Cili Padi Fish ) and spring onion ( Bean Sprout Salted Fish  &  Mutton Ball Soup ). Every now and then I also reach out to dried herbs ( Lamb Burger ), sometimes the powdered spices and sometimes I grind the spice mix ( Prawn Mango ).