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Indian Masala Chicken Curry

Guys, especially those of you who cook regularly, tell me. What can potentially be different for any kinda Indian Masala Curry? If you are asking me, masala is basically a composite of various types of spices. You can of course opt for ready made spice mixtures ( Butter Chicken ) or even you can mix the types of spice powders ( Mutton Bone Marrow Curry  &  Cashew Masala Chicken ) and definitely nothing like a home made masala ( Navratan Korma ) or curry paste ( Thai Chicken Green Curry ). Certainly. For me personally, it all depends. Depends on my mood, depends on time I have in hand and depends too on what's already stocked up at home. It all basically depends and depends on country or area specific as well. Some spices are more in popularity in certain countries or region or each individual state.What about this Indian Masala Chicken Curry of Malaysia ( Malaysian Chicken Chop ) by this Malaysian ( Chicken Curry With Potatoes , Curry Chicken Noodles & Indian Chick