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Navratan Korma

Navratan Korma or shall we also call it Nava Korma? Just kidding. Jokes aside, Navratan Korma made by Nava K is a truly inspiring thick, rich and fantastically flavorful Muglai and North Indian ( Rice Pilaf ) influenced curry basically ( Cauliflower Curry , Drumstick Sambar  &  Vegan Potato Curry ). Unlike the simplicity of Mutton Kurma and Vegetable Kurma I have shared before, Navratan Korma is an outcome of a home made paste, a combo of veggies and of course, ghee and curry leaves for the sensational aroma. What else should I say or must I include? Trust me and believe me, Navratan Korma is all about really pleasurable deliciousness. Whether you are a vegetarian ( Vegetarian Sandwich , Mulligatawny Soup &  Vegetable Biryani ) or not, Navratan Korma I reckon will put a big broad smile on your face and pairing it is endless. Either for a full course vegetarian meal or what should stop you from pairing alongside whichever other dishes ( Cashew Masala Chicken , Lamb Rogan