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Rice Pilaf

Rice Pilaf. What is rice pilaf? If you are asking me, its basically a rice dish which originated from India and of course, a staple in other parts of the world as well. There are various types from various contingents and each cooked according to area specific. My this Rice Pilaf is just the basic ( Ghee Rice , Coriander Rice & Turmeric Rice ). The usual staples we usually stock up at home and my style to cooking rice dish as you know is rice cooker supported. Been like that for donkey years and I don't think I will want to try the over the stove cooking. Honestly, I really don't want to keep an eye cooking rice over the stove and rice cooker ( Kampung Fried Rice , Malaysian Fried Rice , Baked Rice Pudding &  Nasi Lemak Sambal Udang ) by far for me, is the easiest. Put all the ingredients and? Yes. Let rice cooker do its job ( Nasi Dagang , Dhal Rice & Vegetarian Nasi Lemak ). After all, that's why rice cooker was invented? So, why should we not be rice