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Asian Watermelon Salad

Watermelon for a savory salad ( Watermelon Sorbet )? Why not? Why shouldn't we give a go ( Prawn Cocktail & Shrimp Pad Thai Salad )? In fact, already proven. I made and I can't be food happier. The Asian style to a watermelon salad and when we speak about Asian savouries, what else you think they can be? Obviously, we Asians, don't you think we love loudness and boldness in dishes? Of course, if you are asking me. Unlike Western salads, as far as I know, Asian salads are a different matter food lingo all together? Take this Asian Watermelon Salad as an example and even our veggies stir fried. Whether the simplicity or profoundness with more than enough ingredients veggie dishes ( Tofu Green Beans Stir Fry , Red Cabbage Thoran , Bean Sprouts Salted Fish , Kailan Oyster Sauce  & Chloe Masala ) and when refer to Asian tastes, what can possibly be? Vegetables by far and by themselves ( Vegetarian Sandwich ) are the fiber and nutrients for our overall well bein