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Thai Steamed Fish

Honestly, I actually am appreciating the steaming style to cooking ( Hong Kong Style Steamed Fish , Teowchew Steamed Fish  & Nyonya Steam Fish ). I won't say quick and easy, but potentially, don't you think the healthiness and can be quite a basic cooking technic? I reckon. And when Thai dishes are a concern, us being the Malaysians who love Thai food ( Tom Yum Fried Rice , Thai Green Fish Curry , Seafood Tom Yum Soup & Thai Fish Noodle Soup )? Pretty much nothing much should I say? Moreover, most of the staples already at home when you cook Thai food every now and then? I believe so ( Thai Chicken Green Curry , Thai Carrot Soup , Thai Vegetable Curry & Shrimp Pad Thai ). So, how do we go about making this Thai Steamed Fish? Not as straightforward as those simplified versions because there's two levels. Firstly steaming the fish alongside eggplant and then making the sauce before tipping onto fish. Still, I believe Thai Steamed Fish is rather achievable.