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Dried Shrimp Sambal

Ladies and gentlemen, What's the recipe for the day? I think you already know it? Obviously, Dried Shrimp Sambal or you can even call it Dried Prawns Sambal ( Prawn Mango Curry , Sambal Udang Petai  &  Prawn Cocktail ). Both also can. Dried shrimp ( Shrimp Pho & Shrimp Pad Thai Salad ) or dried prawns for me personally does not matter. Maybe dried shrimp ( Shrimp Paste Fish Sambal ) is smaller in size or maybe a different kinda of prawns? I really don't know. Maybe yes or maybe no, but the point is that they are basically about saltiness and they are basically dried in the sun ( Sambal Bilis Petai  & Nasi Lemak Sambal Udang ). Of course, one of my favourite ingredients. A tiny bit goes a long way for our Malaysian dishes, whether for veggie stir frying or other dishes ( Mee Rebus & Mee Siam ). And instead of just sharing with you on how to make this Dried Shrimp Sambal, a chilli based dish ( Asam Pedas Ikan ), I thought I might as well assemble it as sa