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Restoran Loon Sing - Nilai (Negeri Sembilan)

Chinese New Year reunion dinner has always and forever been a customary norm and ritual from ancient years, many years ago. I believe so, I hope I am not wrong. But, over the years, reunion dinner plot has thicken. Grandmothers, mothers, daughters and daughter-in-laws have given up on slogging in the kitchen. Grandmas and moms I believe still wouldn't mind, yet, with the current generation of career daughters and daughter-in-laws, reunion dinner is ushered in Chinese restaurants. Can't be in Indian or Malay restaurants, can't be, on top of that, people like us are now part of the dinner. Trend has changed I suppose, so, we were among the rest in Restoran Loon Sing for this way earlier reunion dinner. Almost, coming close to 100 people, Restoran Loon Sing indeed can accommodate big groups, in fact, it is a popular avenue for wedding dinners.