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Tari Wale Aloo

I wish. I sincerely wish I don't have to make curries as regularly as I do. Then again, when you are married to a typical Indian man who will most probably flip and flop if curies are not part of his meal almost daily, I guess then ( Pavakkai Puli Kuzhambu , Drumstick Sambar &  Cauliflower Curry )? Do I have to say anything more? I don't have to right? When marriage and food love are a concern, I think most of us women will go with the flow? We generally and usually give in to what pleases our husbands? Potentially. Thank god on the other hand my other half-half does not mind a vegetarian curry which by far I am don't mind because such a curry logically pretty much can be paired alongside many other sides for a full house meal ( Vegetable Biryani , Chloe Masala , Carrot Poriyal  & Eggplant Tikka Masala ). And potatoes which you can cook in millions of ways are always a favourite ( Indian Potato Balls , Bonda , Aloo Gobi , Chilli Aloo  & Dum Aloo )? Today