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Thai Vegetable Curry

Shall we return back to Thailand? Not as in taking the flight to Thailand, but pretty much, or should I say we bringing Thailand closer for a Thai dish ( Tom Yum Prawn Fried Rice  & Seafood Tom Yum Soup )? Why not? I have no qualms, I hope you are agreeing as well? Thailand, Thai cuisine and Thai quintessential ingredients ( Spicy Thai Noodles  &  Thai Carrot Soup ) for the rupturing and explosion of big, bold, punchy and kicky tastes ( Thai Fish Noodle Soup & Thai Mee Hoon Salad ). Right. Shall we now move on to making another Thai curry ( Thai Green Fish Curry , Thai Yellow Chicken Curry & Thai Chicken Green Curry ).  Sure. Home made Thai curry paste, made from those aromatic herbs and we also need coconut milk for creaminess and a couple of vegetables. Packing a major punch as the mover and shaker on our palates? Thai Vegetable Curry!