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Lamb Spaghetti

Oh my lamb. Mary had a little lamb! Lamb. We don't mind. We sometimes take a break from mutton which of course is forever our favorite ( Devil's Curry & Easy Mutton Curry ). Then again, lamb sort can be the substitute as well. Actually, come to think of it, we are not really particular. Lamb usually the call for curries ( Lamb Rogan Josh & Lamb Kofta Curry ), of course every now and then, me and my thinking cap for a different kinda lamb dish ( Malaysian Lamb Stew & Lamb Fried Rice ). In fact, I can proudly say that lamb has been the star ingredients for other dishes as well ( Lamb Pho & Lamb Burgers ). And right now, lemme introduce to you Lamb Spaghetti. Not to say there are not other lamb spaghetti recipes, but this one, is my Malaysian Asian version ( Shrimp Pho ). My style, my way, my food story and my dish for my convenience. Spaghetti and spinach in a scented by bay leaves and fresh rosemary sauce, a tiny bit of spiciness from paprika and cheese