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Vegetarian Mulligatawny Soup

Lentils and us Indians? What should I possibly say? Lentils or dal, one of those ingredients we can't forget about or shall I say we must stock up? But no, it can't be the same lentil/dal showcasing always right ( Mysore Sambar )? In the same type of gravy, though relatively sometimes it does trend ugh sometimes that's the case ( Dhal Rice )? Of course, sambar is one of it for showcasing lentils ( Drumstick Sambar , Fish Sambar  & Plain Sambar ), and I think we must include dalca as well ( Mutton Dalca ). Then again, I think sometimes we must allow our food invention to wonder for popping up ( Bitter Gourd Sambar ) a different kinda lentil dish? Usually, somehow lentils for me must be associated with a vegetarian dish. Don't know why, seemingly that's how my thinking has been programmed ( Indian Vegetable Curry , Vegetable Kurma , Vegetable Raita   &  Vegetable Biryani ). Obviously then, I couldn't think of none next except Mulligatawny Soup. Akin a