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Sambal Ayam Serai (Chicken In Lemongrass Sauce)

I love my serai, aka, lemongrass. In fact, I must proudly profess that serai one of my favourite local herbs. I think I told you before? Unless and until, I want to spend on imported ingredients which by far is only seldom or every now and then ( Baked Lemon Chicken ). Otherwise, its all about our easily grown, even in our small plot of land or in pots local herbs. The easiest, shall I say is lemongrass?  Most probably. So, for this sambal dish, yep, me and my sambal, do I have to say, its serai again ( Sambal Udang Petai , Curry Chicken Noodles , Laksam Kelantan & Easy Chicken Kebab ). Crushed or smashed serai cooked alongside a chilli based gravy and in which you will find juicy and succulent chicken pieces ( Ayam Goreng Berempah , Rendang Ayam & Asam Pedas Ikan ). Mouthwatering and such a pride to our eyes right? You tell me.