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Vegetable Biryani

Rice? Yes rice ( Baked Rice Pudding ). What's with rice ( Anchovies Long Beans Fried Rice ) Remember, I have already told you ( Turmeric Rice )? This Vegetable Biryani, I won't say will be a struggle, but as you would have noted and you will later, you need quite a list of ingredients. Nothing not within your reach or you will have a hard time buying, except maybe for the saffron strands. Otherwise, I think it will be sweep through for you. Getting the ingredients and the cooking aspect of it ( Jeera/Cumin Rice , Coriander Rice ,  Lemon Cashew Rice &  Nasi Lemak Sambal Udang ). The vegetarian version. Why vegetarian or only vegetables? Personally, we don't fancy those meaty biryani. Unless maybe when we dine out. Nothing really personal as well if you are asking me. Just that, our preference. By itself a wholesome and filling meal ( Tomato Rice & Dhal Rice ), of course the pairing for Vegetable Biryani, can I say is endless or alongside certain types of s