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Devil's Curry

Another devil listing? Another devil dish? Obviously. Can you still recall my previous two devils ( Chicken Devil Curry & Devilled Prawns )? I hope you can still remember. Otherwise, flip over to the recipes. I think you should before you jump the gun, thinking that this Devil's Curry is gonna be the same. No. It is not I must assure you. But still, from the same Eurasian and Portuguese family. Sort of similar ( Mee Siam , Egg Vindaloo , Nasi Lemak Sambal Udang  & Asam Pedas Ikan Bawal ). For this round of Devil's Curry, I opted for mutton ( Easy Mutton Curry ). Of course, the choice is yours. Between lamb ( Lamb Kofta Curry ), between pork, chicken, beef and prawns. Not sure if we can use fish unless you have tried or you are willing to try ( Belacan Fish Sambal )? What else should I say? Pretty much chilli based ( Chilli Lime Fish , Sambal Sotong , Spicy Noodles  & Grilled Spicy Prawns ) and a combination of spices and herbs and vinegar, as well as dark soy s