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Simmered Daikon

Salmon, tofu, mushrooms, eggs and daikon, or radish ( Malaysian Indian Fish Curry ). Don't you think these are some of the favorite ingredients for Japanese cooking ( Egg Fish Roll , Grilled Salmon , Mushroom Veggie Burger & Chinese Tofu Soup ). If you are asking me, its a big yes from me to you. These ingredients are generally showcased in various ways in Japanese cuisine. Either by themselves or a combo alongside other ingredients ( Yong Tau Foo , Spinach Tofu Stir Fry & Winter Melon Sou p ) and of course, when Japanese food is a concern, we need those Japanese ingredients like dashi stock, Japanese soy sauce, mirin and sake, well, not a must if you don't fancy, but for the rest of of us who enjoy alcohol, I don't think we will have any qualms? Not me though. I love alcohol, though I find that sake is somewhat quite strong for me. Yet, I wouldn't mind a few sips and of course, why should I not add sake when its a Japanese dish in my house? For this Simm