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Indian Mango Chutney

Ohlalala! Mango Chutney. What should I say? You tell me. As far as I know, a favourite? Am I right or you want to out-rightly tell me I am wrong? Up to you really. I am not in the mood for arguing or changing your opinion, but I think I am right. I believe I am. I know, unless for whatever reason, generally mango chutney is selleable ( Mango Coconut Jelly , Mango Mocktail , Mango Cheesecak e , Mango Cucumber Salad , Mango Prawn Curry  & Mango Coconut Cake ). Obviously, we Indians tend to make more often than others? For our vegetarian meals or why not? You can pair Mango Chutney alongside other many side dishes and mains ( Beans Thoran , Bitter Gourd Sambar , Aloo Gobi , Tapioca Stir Fry & Lamb Kofta Curry ). Alright. Let's make. Listed below are the ingredients for this tangy, spicy and much looked forward to Indian Mango Chutney.