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Rendang Ayam

Rendang Ayam. Chicken Rendang. How can we possibly forget about rendang ayam. How we possibly don't pay attention to this our, Malaysian, forever famed ( Kangkung Belacan , Ikan Pari Sambal , Mee Rojak , Sambal Udang Petai & Nasi Lemak Sambal Udang ) and I think world known dish. Its like a customary and much looked forward to dish during our festivals, regardless which religion and race in Malaysia. Of course, without a doubt, the best rendang I must vouch are those made by our Malay friends ( Laksam Kelantan & Gado Gado ). Of course. We shouldn't doubt it. Then again, anyone for the matter can make and trust me, stop believing those who claim rendang ayam is so difficult to make and its recipe is a guarded secret. Oh please. I used to fall for those crappiness until I started making. Who said you can't? Its matter of practice and of course, you can make an over-the-top rendang or simplicity can be your call as well for rendang ayam ( Ayam Goreng Berempah , M