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Baked Lemon Chicken

When its a meal on my own, I can't think of none. It has to be chicken. The chicken my other half-half is anti about, or better to be said as he does not eat chicken ( Butter Chicken , Sweet Chilli Chicken ,  Braised Chicken Feet  & Chicken Varuval ). So? Chicken does not come into my hunger and food picture unless and until he is away. Or when we are entertaining or when I want to try new chicken dishes which will be packed and handed over to our friends ( Spicy Chicken Wings , Easy Chicken Kebab , Thai Yellow Chicken Curry  & Malaysian Chicken Chop ). Otherwise, there can't be chicken in my house. Actually, my other half-half does not mind if I cook chicken. Then again? I cooked chicken for myself and then cook another dish for him? God! Extra kitchen work. No way. On this day, obviously, my meal on my own and I decided to go for a Western style baked style. Baked ( Baked Rice Pudding & Baked Bread Rolls ) Lemon Chicken ( Baked Cornflakes Chicken ). Lemon