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Mango Mocktail

Cocktail ( Prawn Cocktail ) and now Mocktail. One of those days when you feel you want to try something new or let's say when mangoes are already there in your house and also when hot weather is really killing you? I bet you won't mind spending some time in your kitchen for coming up with a Mango Mocktail? Mango of course the star ingredient. Always a favorite for most of us ( Mango Coconut Jelly , Prawn Mango Curry , Mango Coconut Cake & Mango Cucumber Salad )? Or am I assuming without gathering my facts? Most probably ( Mango Cheesecake ), I can conclude if not all, some of us I bet will appreciate a Mango Mocktail. A fruity Mocktail ( Fried Apple Fritters , Poached Pears In Citrus Syru p & Watermelon Sorbet ). What and how to Mango Mocktail? Mangoes, sparkling water, yogurt, honey and thyme or mint leaves. Pulse the first four ingredients, pour into glass, add thyme and ice cubes. Wow! Fresh burst and wouldn't you agree this Mango Mocktail will like ins