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Turmeric Rice

So, what else is new in my kitchen? Nothing much actually. In fact, the same kitchen, the same pots and pans, the same daily rice meals and the same nava-k sweating profusely in our Malaysian hot weather while cooking. Tell me about it please? Rice ( Baked Rice Pudding ) undoubtedly is still leading ( Nasi Lemak Sambal Udang ). Always and forever and today, let me introduce to you this Turmeric Rice. Why not? Instead of plain rice daily? A touch of turmeric for its vibrant bright yellow hue and healthiness ( Turmeric Tomato Soup & Onion Soup )? Turmeric being one of my favourites. Like I have told you before, akin the customary and must have ingredients for most of Malaysian cooking. Atop of turmeric, I decided to elevate this wholesome rice dish ( Coriander Rice  &  Dhal Rice ) with lemongrass/serai and coconut milk. Interesting invention and rice food trail right ( Rice Congee With Condiments )? I bet ( Nasi Dagang & Lemon Cashew Rice ). What else should I say ( Tom