Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Batter Fried Fish

Fish again? Yes foodies. Fish again (Kerala Fish FryThai Fish Noodle Soup, Indian-Spiced Salmon & Chilli Lime Fish). The question that popped into my mind next after I bought the packet of dory fish had to be none other except, oh, what am going to do with it? As usual, especially when you cook fish (Spicy Grilled Fish) regularly? I know (Vietnamese Fish Soup & Grilled Fish Sandwich). Toying with a couple of ideas and also considering fish and chips which I seldom cook, I decided. Maybe sort of a similar dish, but since we are not big fans of chips, I thought some salad leaves (Prawn Cocktail) will be a better option and for pairing this style, my style by the way, Batter Fried Fish, I made a lemongrass ginger sauce/dip. Batter Fried Fish of course is, I think the Western style of cooking, but the sauce is so Malaysian. Wouldn't you agree? Our Malaysian ingredients for the sauce/dip? Our, we are fond of our Malaysian spicy, tangy and lemongrass scented (Easy Chicken Kebab) sauce? Of course. If you are asking me (Malaysian Chicken Chop). Obviously, Batter Fried Fish is the fried version (Fried Shrimp Wantons)? Generally, batter coated fish is fried (Chinese Prawn Fritters)? Unless, you have made the baked or grilled version? Having said that, Batter Fried Fish, a close cousin of fish and chip is a complete wholesome meal.

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