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Batter Fried Fish

Fish again? Yes foodies. Fish again ( Kerala Fish Fry ,  Thai Fish Noodle Soup , Indian-Spiced Salmon &   Chilli Lime Fish ). The question that popped into my mind next after I bought the packet of dory fish had to be none other except, oh, what am going to do with it? As usual, especially when you cook fish ( Spicy Grilled Fish ) regularly? I know ( Vietnamese Fish Soup  & Grilled Fish Sandwich ). Toying with a couple of ideas and also considering fish and chips which I seldom cook, I decided. Maybe sort of a similar dish, but since we are not big fans of chips, I thought some salad leaves ( Prawn Cocktail ) will be a better option and for pairing this style, my style by the way, Batter Fried Fish, I made a lemongrass ginger sauce/dip. Batter Fried Fish of course is, I think the Western style of cooking, but the sauce is so Malaysian. Wouldn't you agree? Our Malaysian ingredients for the sauce/dip? Our, we are fond of our Malaysian spicy, tangy and lemongrass scent