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Onion Soup

Guys, if you are expecting this Onion Soup as another version of French Soup, or other Western soups ( Pumpkin Soup & Mixed Vegetable Soup ) or even Chinese kinda soups ( Vegetarian Chinese Winter Melon Soup ), I think you will be disappointed. But trust me, you must actually, this my style, me coining the recipe, Indian style Onion Soup I bet will not let you down ( Tomato Spinach Soup , Corn Soup  & Mor Rasam ). Basically, lemme repeat myself again. Me the Indian ( Indian Crab Soup & Indian Mutton Meatball Soup ) who didn't know what to cook for our dinner and then, out of somewhere or out of the blues, came flying this idea. How about spices, butter, vegetable stock, turmeric powder ( Turmeric Tomato Soup ) and onion? All of these ingredients for this Onion Soup. A pat on my shoulders. I must. Onion Soup turned out as expected. In fact, better than I thought it will be. Scented by coriander leaves and teamed alongside toast ( Chicken Vegetable Soup ). What say