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Malaysian Chicken Chop

My style to my chicken chop. Obviously. Being a typical Malaysian ( Malaysian Lamb Curry Noodles ) I named it as Malaysian Chicken Chop. Chicken Chop? Not always a fancy frilly food for us. In fact, we hardly. Maybe when we dine out? Otherwise, its the standard kind of chicken dishes. Of course, every now and then, every once in a blue moon or white moon, I won't mind exploring something new and something different and coming into my today's food picture is this Malaysian Chicken Chop. Just a meal for me, myself and I because, I think I have told you before? I am certain I did? My other half--half and chicken can't see eye to eye ( Easy Chicken Kebab , Chinese Black Vinegar Chicken  & Chicken Curry Noodles ). He is anti-chicken? Yep. How did I go about making my Malaysian Chicken Chop? Honestly, no recipe guide whatsoever and ( Salted Egg Chicken , Baked Cornflakes Chicken & Braised Chicken Feet ) and I, as you know, always begin with what's already stoc