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Egg Foo Young

Scrambled eggs Chinese style ( Fried Eggs With Oyster Sauce ). Pretty much that is my understanding what Egg Foo Young should be or is. Correct me if I am wrong, but as far as I know, I think it is acceptable when we regard Egg Foo Young as scrambled eggs? I believe so. Of course, scrambled eggs elevated in a different cooking techinque or for a different kind egg dish. In Chinese restaurants ( Chinese Prawn Fritters , Egg Fish Roll  & Tea Eggs ), this kinda dish is usually cooked very quickly over high heat and in black cast iron wok. Which maybe is impossible for us in our kitchen. Regardless, we can still make egg foo young. What goes into egg foo young? If you are asking me, I think you can consider ingredients you are comfortable with and ingredients you think will work together. Eggs obviously do I have say? The central ingredient ( Egg Benedict , Egg Rasam , Egg Curry Masala & Egg Potato Curry ). For this my version, its cabbage, garlic and spring onion, of course