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Vegetable Raita

The cooked or uncooked as a must have vegetable side dish? Both also can. Its really up to you. In my house, usually, I tend to do the cooked version ( Plantain Crumble , Aloo Gobi  & Indian-Style Mustard Greens ). Of course, every now and then, making an entry on our dining table is a raw salad ( Mango Cucumber Salad ) or a tiny bit of cooking involved, the tempering part vegetable dish. Specifically this Vegetable Raita. A close cousin or related to the previous Cucumber Yogurt Salad .The tempering, as I have already mentioned and what sets this Indian yogurt vegetarian salad apart ( Vegetarian Mutton Stir Fry , Tomato Spinach Soup , Dhal Rice & Drumstick Sambar ). Still, nothing complicated. Never mostly for my recipes. Those ingredients listed in A, already diced ( Carrot Poriyal ) and sliced, thereafter tossed and mixed with the tempered in oil curry leaves and mustard seeds. Tadaa! Our Vegetable Raita is ready.