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Showing posts from October 20, 2012

Di Wei Chinese Cuisine Restaurant - Empire Hotel (Subang Jaya)

What's my food story for dining in Di Wei Chinese Cuisine Restaurant? Friendship bonding. Bond built over the years and still intact though my two friends have migrated to Saudi. And when they returned to Malaysia for a holiday, we making it a point in meeting up. Great good friend mind you.  Really sincerely unlike some of our back stabbing friends? Of course, we Malaysians like always, must usher friendship with food. We sure did on this day for lunch. Lunch in, as I have already told you, in Di Wei Chinese Cuisine Restaurant. Quite a posh Chinese restaurant. At least for us, and offering a vast variety of dishes. Ambiance wise, must be said as Chinese classiness. What did we order?  Peking Duck on promotion, Tempura Fried Veggies, F ried Chicken Wing, White Fungus With Papaya and Steamed Custard Cake.