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Nyonya Curry Laksa

Nyonya cuisine. One of those, one of it amongst the rest of the Malaysian cuisines. Remember? If you can still recall? I have already Nyonya dishes before  ( Assam Fish Curry , Nyonya Fish Sambal , Nyonya Steam Fish & Nyonya Assam Fish Curry )?  Of course I did. Today, lets get to know this Nyonya Curry Laksa. Bowl food. Bowl food meaning noodles ( Chow Mein  & Mee Siam ). generously soaking in a thick curry ( Lamb Curry Noodles , Laksam Kelantan & Curry Mee ). Basically the broth or soupy ( Bee Hoon Soup , Lamb Pho & Prawn Noodle Soup ) version compared to noodles stir fried. Curry obviously is the crucial fact. Making the flavorful, thick, creamy broth. All about with our Malaysian ingredients ( Malaysian Sour Spicy Fish Soup Noodles , Mee Rebus & Penang Mee Yoke ). Curry broth and swimming long beans, and taufu, ladled generously over noodles  and soft boiled egg.