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Thai Chicken Green Curry

Green again? Indeed. Thai green again ( Thai Green Fish Curry ). What else is with Thai and us? Nope. We are not cousins. We can't be? We are Indians and we the Indians who are fond of Thai dishes ( Spicy Thai Noodles , Tom Yum Prawn Fried Rice , Thai Fish Noodle Soup & Thai Yellow Chicken Curry ). Thai cuisine and their akin magical mystical bold tastes ( Seafood Tom Yam Soup , Tomyam Chicken )? Yum, wouldn't you agree? Of course. A big yes from me. The Thai recipe awaiting you today? As you have already noted Thai Chicken Green Curry ( Easy Chicken Kebab ). Aw-awesomeness. Tender succulent chicken and long beans in a curry made from coconut milk, fish sauce and home style green curry paste, of course, how can Thai Chicken Green Curry not be perfected by the scent of kaffir lime leaves.