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Easy Mutton Curry

Easy? Yes easy. Easy mutton curry and mutton curry by this Indian lady must be the Indian version right? Potentially. Of course there are other various types of mutton curries ( Mutton Pepper Masala , Mutton Dalca , Mutton Kurma & Mutton Parathal ) from other parts of the world or mutton curry by other races. For me personally, my mutton curry generally, as I have already told, must be the Indian me. Mutton or lamb ( Lamb Burgers , Lamb Pho  & Malaysian Lamb Stew ) should then perhaps can be the next question? It cuts both ways for us. Mutton or lamb ( Malaysian Lamb Curry Noodles & Lamb Kofta Curry ), both goes. But if I am to pick one, it has to be mutton. Mutton which is a tough meat. Mutton from our Malaysian ground is tough. So? Unless you are absolutely sure the mutton you have bought can be cooked till tender without a pressure cooker, ( Mutton Varuval , Pepper Mutton Curry & Masala Mutton Curry ) you should go ahead. I however can't say the same