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Eggs Benedict - My Malaysian Way

Kids these days? I really don't know what to say. Even their parents I think can't comprehend either why their kids fuss about food ( Vegetarian Chow Mein  & Lamb Kofta Curry ). You tell me? I am actually lost for answers. Their parents on the other hand are good in laying out the terms and conditions on what their kids eat or not, but if you ask why they don't eat certain things? Parents? Those parents? They can't relate. Of course, they must defend thier kids? Their adorable darlings who, some of the time trust me, can bring the roof down when they are asked to try a new dish ( Salted Egg Chicken ). Unbelievable. But when fast food is a concern, oh-my-my. Fried chicken and burgers ( Easy Chicken Kebab , Grilled Chicken Wings & Lamb Burger )? Do I have to potentially utter any single word? What about eggs? Am I wrong if I say most kids love eggs ( Egg Fish Roll , Egg Rasam  & Tea Eggs )? Correct me if I am wrong. A simple egg fried rice ( Anchovies Lon