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Lamb Kofta Curry

Mutton or lamb? Tough question. For us personally, both goes. Both, mutton ( Mutton Keema & Masala Mutton Curry ) and lamb cuts both ways. Meaning, in other words, we don't mind either one. Of course, we Indians, don't you think we prefer mutton ( Mutton Kurma , Mutton Dalca & Mutton Pepper Masala )? You bet. I had a tough call as well for this kofta curry. Should I use mutton or lamb ( Malaysian Lamb Curry Noodles  & Malaysian Lamb Stew ). In the end, I settled for lamb ( Lamb Burgers & Lamb Fried Rice ). Why, are you asking me? Minced lamb on this particular day was easier availability and I didn't want to do the mutton ( Mutton Parathal & Mutton Soup ) mincing on my own. Honestly, for someone like me who like to be in my kitchen for the shortest time, I as you know am an easy home cook, I really can't be bothered with mincing. Of course, I agree when minced meat is an overall concern, what about the ratio to meat and fats? Therefore, you d